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MODULE 1 - Course Introduction

Ben welcomes you to the course & outlines how to make the most out of it. You'll get access to week one's worksheet, bonus access to the "Fired Up & Focused" Visualization that will help you to retrain your brain to focus on your core goals, plus much more.

MODULE 2 - How The Self-Help Industry Has Gotten Peak Performance, Depression, Self-Confidence & Fatigue Horribly Wrong

Ben shares the real reasons you haven’t been able to break through and reach your goals based on neuroscience, psychology & biohacking & why “Just Be Positive” is the worst advice you could ever hear. Plus, you’ll uncover the connection between your biochemistry & self-doubt, fear, anger, excuses, procrastination & fatigue. You’ll immediately become aware of why what you’ve been doing to try & get ahead has been failing miserably & how to fix it.

MODULE 3 - The Identity Gap Formula to Success: Which Identity Type Are You?

Ben breaks down a groundbreaking formula that represents a paradigm shift decades in the making that shows what’s really required to achieve levels of success you’ve never been able to experience previously. This lesson will result in the biggest “ah ha” moments you’ve ever had in your life. You’ll get access to a free & highly comprehensive assessment tool that will show you precisely which “Success Identity Type” you are & why it’s critical you know this.

MODULE 4 - Self-Preservation Mode: How It's Triggered & How to Stop It Before It Stops You!

You’ll discover why this built-in function of the primal brain is the MOST crucial element of overcoming self-doubt, stress & self-sabotage, so you can finally break free from negative behavior in ways you’ve never been able to before. Understand what triggers this at a biochemical & psychological level, so it never stops you again.

MODULE 5 - Why The Willpower Myth Is Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals

Willpower is the most inaccurately presented method for personal achievement. Finally, understand what it really means when you need to apply it & why you should avoid using it for extended periods of time. Get to the REAL reason of WHY you make excuses & how you can rid yourself of them once & for all.

MODULE 6 - How to Breakthrough Your Comfort Zone & Stop The "Snap-Back" Effect

Have you ever pursued an ambitious goal, only to snap right back into your comfort zone? This is called the “Snapback Effect” & it occurs for a very specific reason. Find out why & what you can do about it so you never sabotage your own progress again.

MODULE 7 - Reboot & Retrain Your Brain (Advanced Visualization)

If you find your daily life is plagued with self-doubt, fear & stress, this will be the most powerful lesson you ever do. You’ll discover an incredible visualization process that literally tricks your mind into thinking you’ve already been through the situation that is causing you to worry, which means, you no longer have anything to fear or any reason to be stressed or doubt yourself.

MODULE 8 - How to Uncover Your True Purpose for Breakthrough Results

You’ll discover the 2 types of purposes we have & how one more beneficially impacts your physical performance & the simple steps you can take to uncover your true calling.

MODULE 9 - Proven Biohacking Techniques for Sleep, Anxiety, Depression & Energy

In this powerful lesson, you’ll uncover natural supplements & affordable wearable devices that will help you become an upgraded version of yourself so you can increase focus & energy & obliterate anxiety & fatigue from your daily life for peak performance.

MODULE 10 - 13 Weeks to Unstoppable

Get access to an advanced & easy-to-apply 13 Week Plan to Biohack Your Way to Unstoppable. Ben breaks down the 13-week plan & shows you precisely how to make the most out of it to transform your life in ways you never thought possible.


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